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About Us

We came together with our own unique personal life journeys, diversified professional perspectives and joy of creative expression because we share a powerful driving desire to create real, long-lasting positive change.

We want to help create a world where everyone has the ability to use their knowledge and power to optimise the potential of themselves and others.

Your Neuro Coach is about delivering a boutique, individualised and high quality training and coaching experience for our clients as well as our internal team. We practice what we preach. Authentic and ethical working practices are the backbone of our business.

With our help and guidance, our clients develop healthy and thriving communities within their businesses. We are passionate about supporting every individual we work with to command their distinct abilities for personal and professional achievement.

Through our own personal growth and progression, we aspire to always be curious, transparent and generous with our knowledge so that we encourage those who work with us to witness and be inspired by the transformative power of openness and creativity.

Our Leadership

Rania Laing

Managing Partner

Rania drives the overall business strategic vision and growth. She loves exploring new thinking and applying new research to programme development. She’s passionate about creating a positive ripple effect with the work that she does.

Top five strengths: Ideation, Maximiser, Self-assurance, Command, Relator

Can be heard saying “Let’s do something different!”

Gets excited about: scuba diving and food

Vanessa Shaw

Programme And Process Lead

Vanessa specialises in efficiency and quality improvement processes. She is driven by helping people and business achieve their potential. She’s committed to solving real challenges with pragmatic solutions.

Top five strengths: Relator, Individualisation, Activator, Developer, Responsibility

Can be heard saying “Shall we sketch this out?”

Gets excited about: coffee and books

Rita Baki


Rita loves to inspire and be inspired.  She’s devoted to motivating new practitioners and trainers to make a difference in their life and the lives of others.

Top five strengths: Empathy, Positivity, Harmony, Intellection, Responsibility

Can be heard saying “We will figure it out.”

Gets excited about: dancing and travel