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"In a high-IQ job pool, soft skills like discipline, drive and empathy mark those who emerge as outstanding."

Daniel Goleman

The Programme

Having a high emotional quotient (EQ) is much more than being pleasant, likeable, affectionate or kind. Your EQ score has a greater impact on your success and happiness in life than your IQ. It’s not just your technical and analytical abilities that will help you succeed, it’s about having the right combination of both EQ and IQ. The fantastic news about EQ is that, thanks to neuroplasticity and unlike IQ, EQ can be developed and strengthened.

Emotional Intelligence for Managers, is a two-day programme delivering the essentials in understanding and developing emotional intelligence.

The Programme

Dimension Development Areas Focus
Day 1 Background to Emotional Intelligence

Day 1 starts with the background to emotional intelligence and its importance in business. You will learn how our mind works with emotions and information processes.

You’ll find out more about rating your own EQ then begin to learn about Emotional Intelligence and EQ, including particular techniques to begin to develop and manage emotional intelligence.

Day 2 Emotional Intelligence Models and Practice

Day 2 continues in depth using the Goleman Mixed Model of Emotional Intelligence.

You will learn how to use and apply this model to harness it’s value in the workplace Practical exercises are included. The day comes to a close with an overview of monitoring and measuring EI using feedback methods.

In business, up to 90 percent of professional competencies that differentiate top performers are related to emotional intelligence. Managers and leaders who have a higher EQ make better decisions, are able to increase employee engagement, collaboration and innovation, impacting on increased productivity and sales, and improved customer service amongst other things. This programme is supported with YNC Insights. Participants receive an invitation via an individual online link to complete YNC Insights, a psychometric assessment, relevant to the Emotional Intelligence programme content that they will later experience.