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"I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions."

Stephen Covey

Our Coaches

Our coaches are human change experts who focus on the structure and science of thinking patterns and behaviours. We incorporate advanced concepts of mind sciences into the coaching process through NLP, mBIT, positive psychology, emotional intelligence and transactional analysis.

We are finding that more and more major clients are realising the benefits of positive psychology coaching and its effectiveness in enabling them to achieve their performance goals. Professional coaching is becoming in so much demand as it delivers on it ROI by achieving many things including improved job performance, building employee satisfaction and resilience, developing business agility and ultimately positively impacting productivity and profitability.

Our Approach

Due to time periods of newly hired or promoted executive to demonstrate competence and capabilities getting shorter, our clients are often under pressure to resolve performance issues or management flaws that would have traditionally remained hidden or been accepted.

In today’s ever complex and sophisticated leadership environment, coaching is fast becoming a strategic necessity in optimising performance and transforming your top performers into great leaders.

We work with you to develop a coaching approach that suits you, your business, budget and goals. We work across all aspects of professional coaching covering

  • Behavioural coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Coaching for leadership development
  • Coaching for organisational change
  • Strategy coaching

The Coaching Process

Contract and Plan
We begin the coach-coachee partnership with contract and planning, agreeing goals, objectives, roles and responsibilities, as well as success measures.

We measure the coachee’s current performance, strengths and behaviour using a variety of assessment models including but limited to (link) YNC Insights, 360 feedback and other methods of (link Strengths & Potential page) strengths evaluation.

Together, we develop an action plan incorporating all the information gathered with a focus on accountability and opening up new ways of thinking, feeling and acting for permanent, generative change. The process identifies the gaps between the coachee’s existing behaviour and the desired behaviour. These gaps become the focal points for the change process by leveraging strengths and overcoming challenges.

Coaching is a long term behavioural modification process therefore in addition to evaluating the whether the outcomes have been met, a continual monitoring provision is also required and possibly further coaching, to ensure lasting results. New challenges also provide new learning experiences and these are fresh opportunities to reinforce new behaviours.

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Shane Eldstrom

President MESC CEO
Al Farwaniya Property Developments

“I first met Rania over seven years ago when I was Senior Manager of Retail Leasing at Al Ghurair Group. I was impressed by her strategic aptitude and operational abilities. She has an excellent reputation within the industry.

Over the years, her emotional acumen has gone from strength to strength and she is able to bring an incredible amount of value to the businesses she works for and with.”