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"Leadership is about creating a world to which people want to belong."

Gilles Pajou

The Programme

Our Happy At Work programme is based on international scientific research into the principles that enable people to excel at work and in life.

Comprehensive and effective, we set out to create a robust programme that educates, inspires and motivates employees to change how they work and live.

Happy At Work covers four fundamental dimensions, starting with an employee’s inward focus before moving outwards towards their external behaviours and interactions with others.

Dimension Development Areas Focus
Day 1 Attitude

Day 1 kicks off with a greater understanding of your natural orientation to how you approach life, discovering insights on personal strengths and the neuroplasticity of learning.

You will then discover the things that drive your motivation as you learn what’s important to you and how that impacts your work, your intentions and how you see the world and others through your own filters.

Day 2 Action and Reaction

Day 2 is about uncovering your internal reactions to what happens externally and you will learn skills that help you gain more control.

You will develop your emotional intelligence and resilience as well as strengthen your coping mechanism to stress. We build on the learnings from day 1 as we dig deeper into your thinking patterns, and you will begin to become more aware of how you solve problems and make decisions.

Day 3 Powerful Communication

Day 3 continues to focus on developing our intentional behaviour through better communication.

You will learn skills that will improve your ability to listen, understand and work with others, while you realise some of your own communication patterns. Once you pick up some fundamental coaching language skills and discover the real influence in time management.

Day 4 Team Engagement

Day 4, the final day, brings your attention to how you work within your team. Packed full with the latest concepts of working in high performance teams from building trust to managing conflict and manipulation.

Successful delivery becomes the focus as you learn models and techniques that will enable you to achieve great outcomes.



Multiple research companies including Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index Survey have found a direct connection exists between well-being and employee performance. In fact, Gallup researchers studied the differences in performance between engaged and actively disengaged work units and found that those scoring in the top half on employee engagement nearly doubled their odds of success compared with those in the bottom half.

Employee engagement has a direct impact on business profitability. In the same research, Gallup found Work units in the top quartile in employee engagement outperformed bottom-quartile units by 10 percent on customer ratings, 22 percent in profitability, and 21 percent in productivity. Work units in the top quartile also saw significantly lower turnover (25 percent in high-turnover organizations, 65 percent in low-turnover organizations), shrinkage (28 percent), and absenteeism (37 percent) and fewer safety incidents (48 percent), patient safety incidents (41 percent), and quality defects (41 percent).



Online enquiry of current position against all training deliverables



Online survey of preferences and set points


Training Delivery



Online enquiry of position after each training is delivered



Benchmark reporting

The Performance Model

Employees receive an invitation via an individual online link to complete YNC Audit, a diagnostic survey tool which provides a company-wide status report. They will also receive an invitation to complete YNC Insights, a psychometric assessment, relevant to the Happy at Work programme content that they will later experience.

Based on the current status, we work with you to create a strategy that can include supplementary activities to support you in meeting your objectives. Once the plan has been implemented, we run another assessment to measure the impact, and present you with a report on the results.

Annual Benchmarking

We have created the Happy At Work programme to be easy to understand and so rich in content that it can be delivered repeatedly, with new learnings resonating with employees each time as engagement and satisfaction improves. The programme’s four dimensions include fundamental concepts that can be strengthened and developed with regular practice.

Regular delivery also ensures new joinees receive the same high quality training and support, to become fully integrated in the positive company culture.

Annual reports benchmark against the previous year so you can build trend information from a long-term view.

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