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"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success."

Alexander Graham Bell

Our Approach

We work with you, to develop and mentor your marketing staff and marketing decision-makers by offering high-level guidance and support with long-term strategy development that helps them start improving their individual performance immediately.

Together, we develop the best approach that works for your staff, business, budget and goals.

For the individual, the advantages of being mentored can be life-changing. From increased self-confidence in marketing, industry contacts, advanced skill development, knowledge and expertise. Both the mentoree and the organisation benefit greatly from all the years of experience that the mentor brings.

Areas Covered

Marketing-specific mentoring is a valuable method of increasing the commercial knowledge of key members of the management and leadership teams. The key strategic and functional area covered by our Marketing mentoring include:

  • Budget and Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)
  • Talent Hire, Team Structure, Management and Development
  • Marketing Communication – Digital and traditional channels
  • Franchise Marketing – Retail, Hospitality, Leisure, Healthcare
  • Remote Territory Team Influence and Management
  • Brand Principle Management
  • Brand Management
  • Product Management
  • New Product Development
  • Innovation and Creativity – Product and Process
  • Agency and Supplier Management
  • Internal and External Stakeholder Management
  • Customer Loyalty

Mentoring is similar but different to coaching. While mentoring helps someone’s development and growth, it is done with wisdom, teaching and support whereas coaching is generative process that focuses on behavioural modification to meet specific goals.

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Juvelle Villareal

Marketing Manager
Landmark International

“Rania has taught me to view my work and life through a different perspective. She has this lightness, which creates a perspective to see what is actually occurring instead of just being overwhelmed.

She has helped me to clarify the direction where I want to take my professional life, while providing me with a framework for accepting change to happen. She has always challenged my assumptions and preconceptions constructively in ways I was comfortable to put my thoughts and ideas to test. She honed my strengths and helped build my self-confidence along the way.

She has guided me through a number of work related changes, helping me to stay focused on the advantages instead of the difficulties. Little did I know it was a preparation for future transitions.
She has been a great mentor and a coach – someone I am privileged to have worked with.”

Ali Hussein

Head of Marketing
Landmark Group Kuwait

“Rania is an energetic, talented marketing professional, an experienced all-round marketer. She delivers beyond your expectations. She is the brainchild for the Marketing wonders that has catapulted Landmark International to where it proudly stands today for being one of the largest and most well-known retail brands in Kuwait. She is a focused, marketing wizard, warm in nature and has become a great friend.”

Lesley Fair

President Deputy | ILEA And Director
Custard Communications

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rania for over four years. She has been our client, but there has never been a sense of “them” and “us. Rania’s approach of “one team” is the best possible scenario when you are trying to do good work: The understanding that getting the best out of people is to involve them, seek opinion and embrace but interrogate expertise.

We have worked to some tight deadlines together, delivering expansive projects within what might seem an impossible timeframe because the problem solving is done collectively and rationally, prioritising tasks swiftly. We have innovated frequently under Rania’s leadership, resulting in successful campaigns that were delivered on or under budget. And she does it all with a sparkle and a smile.”