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"Obstacles are those frightful things you see
when you take your eye off the goal."

Henry Ford

The Programme

Neural Leadership Development programme takes on the challenge of developing leaders of the future, equipping them with the skills and expertise to achieve the personal, professional and organizational transformation needed for a business to succeed.

The programmes incorporates six developmental dimensions to build a new leadership model starting with a focus on leading self before moving onto leading teams and then finally with organisational leadership.

Dimension Development Areas Focus
Day 1 The Conscious Leader

Day 1 is all about emotions and information processes.

You’ll find out more about rating your own EQ then learn all about Emotional Intelligence, including particular techniques to develop and manage emotional intelligence, harnessing its value in the workplace.

Day 2 The Responsible Leader

Day 2 takes a look at various aspects of stress, the source of negative critical thinking as well as healthy and unhealthy states of conduct.

The day then takes a dramatic turn as you discover your role in a valuable life-changing psychological view of manipulation and game-play that occurs at work and at home.

Day 3 The Effective Leader

Day 3 turns your focus towards the team as you learn about the primary ways stress occurs within the team.

You’ll discover your impact on each other as well as ways to improve work methods, expand communication and increase productivity.

Day 4 The Motivational Leader

Day 4 stays with the team as you take on the role of Coach, the day brings insights and valuable tools for building on how you connect with others during face to face interactions.

You’ll go on to uncover the truth behind the language patterns and the power that you have just at the tip of your tongue.

Day 5 The Focused Leader

Day 5 gets down to business with a wider scope on organisational matters. Goals take your mind to building a strong future with a whole new clarity and determination.

It will all become obviously simple to implement, as you learn practical models to upgrade your way of working.

Day 6 The Visionary Leader

Day 6 brings the programme to completion with techniques, tools and methods to implement big picture thinking for strategy formation and creative problem solving.

Coupled with advanced persuasion and influence skills, you will complete the course with everything you need to get buy-in for your big business idea.


Multiple studies have shown that organisations that invest in developing effective leaders can significantly improve productivity and profitability by building strategies that improve employee engagement and retention, developing a culture of collaboration and inclusivity, and ultimately influencing people at all levels throughout the business leveraging the value in human capital.



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Training Delivery



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Benchmark reporting

The Performance Model

Managers receive an invitation via an individual online link to complete YNC Audit, a diagnostic survey tool which provides a company-wide status report. They will also receive an invitation to complete YNC Insights, a psychometric assessment, relevant to the Neural Leadership Development programme content that they will later experience.

Based on the current status, we work with you to create a strategy that can include supplementary activities to support you in meeting your objectives. Once the plan has been implemented, we run another assessment to measure the impact, and present you with a report on the results.

Annual Benchmarking

We have created the Neural Leadership Development programme to be easy to understand and so rich in content that it can be delivered repeatedly, with new learnings resonating with employees each time as engagement and satisfaction improves. The programme’s six dimensions include fundamental concepts that can be strengthened and developed with regular practice.

Regular delivery also ensures new joinees receive the same high quality training and support, to become fully integrated in the positive company culture.

Annual reports benchmark against the previous year so you can build trend information from a long-term view.

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