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"By simply capitalising on core strengths and knowledge, companies and entrepreneurs can engage in an emerging business model that will enable them to create - and demonstrate - real, sustainable social impact in society."

Muhammad Yunus

According to Gallup, teams that use their strengths achieve:


Up to 19%
increased sales


Up to 29%
increased profit


Up to 15%
in employee engagement

Building a strengths-based workplace is becoming crucial to the success of modern organisations. New research is finding the relationship between strengths-based development and organisational performance significant in that it consistently affects key performance outcomes, positively.

We offer two methods that can help your organisation improve performance with strengths-based development.

Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment is based on the world’s most extensive strengths research that identifies each individual’s top five strengths, perfect for all employees at all levels across the business.

The Discovery of Natural Latent Abilities (DNLA), developed by leading psychologists at the Max-Planck Institute, Munich and is ideal for senior manager and leadership to identify and develop vital soft skills across key success areas required for successful organisational leadership.