Get a Grip on Your Mind State and Improve Your Success

Your state of mind is the reason you are failing or succeeding to achieve what you want. It’s the result of a hidden process that most are unaware of. All friction, misunderstandings, and miscommunications between people are the results of your mind directed towards its ego state while all healthy, empowering, self-believing and successful thoughts and attitudes are the results of a learning mind state. one thing is understanding your state of mind, the other is having full control over your thoughts and subsequent behaviours and that is what delivers the results you want in what you choose to do both at work and in life.

Social convention teaches you that you are not in control. You believe in the paradox that other people, be them communities, workplace or school, gives you empowerment. That this is the difference between a good boss and a bad boss, a teacher that believes in you or, as a child, a kind auntie who recognised your good intention. You are never taught that true control comes from you and the ability you have to control your mind state.

Convention teaches you about good and evil. It becomes the plot of your life script. Backed up by cartoons, books, Hollywood and Netflix dramas, you believe you need to be taught how to be good, or societies will become feral, bad, unruly and disobedient. While more modern methods in education teach children that they can choose their behaviour, this introduction to understanding self-control and self-management still doesn’t reach far enough in teaching them the dynamics and benefits to why. It still addresses the symptoms of unproductive behaviours and ignores the cause.

Mind state management is the practice of managing behaviours that facilitate your learning process in any given situation. When your mind is directed on processing new information, it triggers a range of physical and biochemical actions within you. These internal actions are the core of your health and growth. From serotonin production and improved memory function to new neural pathways, more muscular energy and greater creativity. Control over your mind state will result in improved performance if every aspect of your life.

The great leaders of history understood this as real control. They understood that their persecutors were the true victims of the story. While they suffered in the hands of torture and physical abuse, they were able to maintain empowerment and control inside their mind. They recognised that they could weaken themselves through their own behaviours. To be able to withstand the intense persecution that they were subjected to, they elevated their own actions away from the ego states and into the learning states.

When you stay in a learning state, you develop strength of mind and open yourself to be curious. You possess an objectivity that keeps the other people’s hardship and suffering away from your experience. You can distinguish between your challenges and external influences so you are able to select the most appropriate action that will support an improvement to your situation without compromising your wellbeing or values.

There are specific competences or skills to stay within these learnings states and these take practice to put into action. Learner mind states as a self-coaching tool is useful as it is adapted from concepts used for social advancement and positive psychology. Any model is simply a method to filter and simplify complex experiences so once practice becomes habitual the model becomes redundant.

There are many books about how to put new habits into place the key with the learning process is achieving specific outcomes by practicing certain competences. The focus of the mind on the positive keeps new thoughts and pathways growing in a healthy direction and overtime the self-limiting thoughts and beliefs are trimmed by the brain. As healthy changes happen to you and you see evidence of these, your skill in actioning the competences gets stronger and stronger.

While some people prefer a more directed approach to improve their performance, if you are already able to reflect and be mindful of your behaviour but need guidance on choosing which behaviours to practice, then an approach like is extremely useful. It gives you a metaphor that enables you to experience difficult situations and quickly gain a benefit from an experience that you would have previously found miserable. This build resilience and the ability to think of bigger and better solutions.

As others put your opportunities down to chance and luck, you will find out that luck comes to those who practice learner mind states or the relevant actions without knowing a structure or model. You will be able to distinguish them easily and this will keep you away, through positive association, from those who previously engaged with you in the negative ego state interactions.