Press Release: Greater Impact Through Creative and Strategic Collaboration

Your Neuro Coach (YNC) has joined forces with JC Creations to help clients access a broader range of strategic and creative expertise that is required to achieve long-term commercial success. YNC is a strategic marketing company that helps organisations become profitable and sustainable. JC Creations was set-up to offer strategic partnerships for investments as well as product and brand international growth opportunities.

According to the OECD, “Evidence on the COVID-19 crisis impacts on SMEs from business surveys indicates severe disruptions and concerns among small businesses.” Further, in its survey on the impact of the pandemic on SMEs, the OECD reports “The magnitude of SME concerns are confirmed in a recent NBER paper (Bartik et al., 2020) that presents the results of a survey of over 5 800 small businesses in the United States. The survey shows that 43% of responding businesses are already temporarily closed. On average, businesses reduced their employees by 40%. Three-quarters of respondents indicate they have two months or less in cash in reserve. (Humphries, Neilson and Ulyssea, 2020) report comparable impacts of the pandemic on small business. Similarly, according to a survey among SMEs in 132 countries by the International Trade Centre, two-thirds of micro and small firms report that the crisis strongly affected their business operations, and one-fifth indicate the risk of shutting down permanently within three months (ITC, 2020).” 

Aligning on strategy and intended impact, the collaboration will see project impacts from both entities expand under the management of YNC and in keeping with the branding and brand of YNC. The merger will greater strategic breadth for clients and international market-leading and community project expansion.

“The global economy is reliant on the private sector to help financially sustain communities. We are focusing on the long term while building the foundations for prosperity now. Our plan is to collectively create joint initiatives and innovations, today, that will develop to the markets of the future. We want to revolutionise stagnating industriest and protect investments. These projects offer immediate strategic opportunities and commercial opportunities for private investors wishing to expand their portfolios. ” Explains Founder and CEO of YNC, Rania Laing.

“We are excited as this collaborate with YNC will take JC Creations into a new dimension through shared knowledge, access to an extensive global network and the implementation of best practices from around the world. The result is significant and sustainable support for business.” Elaborates Bronwen Hundley, Founder and Managing Partner of JC Creations.

YNC is working to accelerate business recovery through this and future collaborative initiatives. Businesses will have access to more expertise and resources that allows them bounce-back financially faster and in a more sustainable way.